(OVER) Ruuh Messenger Bot: Refer 10 Friends and Get Rs.100 Amazon Voucher

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About Ruuh Messenger

Ruuh Messenger is a chatbot provided o you for entertainment purposes. She is English speaking and only available to users in India. Do not rely on her statements as advice, counselling or endorsements.

Now, they are offering Rs.100 Amazon Gift Voucher for Referring your friends. No mobile verification, Email verification or any mobile app download is required to Join Ruuh. If you are on your Smartphone then, you just need a Normal facebook messenger app.


So, let’s check the steps to earn free amazon vouchers from Ruuh!

Steps To Earn From Ruuh Messenger:

1. Firstly Download Facebook Messenger App on your Smartphone

If you already have messenger app or using desktop or laptop then, Facebook Messenger app is not required

2. Then, just login your Facebook Account (in messenger)

3. After that, Go to the Ruuh Messenger Bot: Click Here

4. Open the above link in Facebook Messenger App, and instantly it opens the Ruuh Bot Messenger Screen

5. For PC users, the above link will redirect to usual Facebook Ruuh chat box

6. Then, just chat anything like “hello.”

7. Now, you have successfully created your account.

Ruuh Refer and Earn:

  1. To get your referral link, just type “#ruuhfriends” and send it
  2. The bot will instantly post a reply with your Referral link
  3. It also provides the referral count in that reply message
  4. Just share that referral link with friends and tell them to just chat with Bot.

How to Redeem Earnings?

  1. To redeem your earnings, you can follow the same above steps
  2. Message “#ruuhfriends” and you will get your Amazon your in reply
  3. Minimum redeem is Rs.100. So, you have to refer ten friends to get Amazon Voucher.

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