Lybrate: Get Kwiknic Nicotine Gum worth Rs.100 Free

Hello, Here is another Freebie deal for you. Lybrate now offering Kwiknic Nicotine Gum worth Rs.100 Free. The product is completely free but you have to pay shipping amount of Rs.20. Introducing Kwiknic, a tasty nicotine gum that is an option for people who wish to reduce their tobacco consumption. Kwiknic reduces the urge for tobacco, thereby helping quit tobacco gradually and Kwiknic works on the principle of nicotine replacement therapy.


Follow the below steps to get this deal.

Steps to Get Free Kwiknic Nicotine Gum:

1. Visit Lybrate Nicotine Gum offer page – Click Here

2. Next, you have to provide your details like Name, Mobile number, Gender and other details including your Address to deliver the product

3. After that, just Click on Get Free Pack Now button

4. Now, you have to pay the shipping amount of Rs.20

5. Pay the amount using any suitable method

6. You will deliver the product soon.

Kwiknic Nicotine Gum: Your Friend In Need

  • Less Nicotine: A lower level of nicotine in Kwiknic Gum allows the body to gradually adjust to having less and less nicotine and helps you quit tobacco.
  • Consumption Safe: Kwiknic doesn’t contain Tar, Carbon or other constituents of tobacco products, making it consumption safe. It doesn’t make you dependent on it.
  • Balanced Taste: It has a great refreshing taste with balanced sweetness. The gum does not have added sugar, making it ideal for diabetics and sugar concerned people.

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