How to Set Random Ringtone in Your Android Device Without Root

Do you know you can actually Set Random Ringtone in Your Android Device Without Root. If you are bored with a single ringtone and even don’t want to change frequently because it seems little lazy and useless, than this tutorial is for you. in this tutorial I will show you how to set Random Ringtone in your device.

This is one time setup and all set you don’t need to come back again to change ringtone again and again. You will here new ringtone every-time from the list of ringtones that you have created. Let’s see how to setup and use it.



Steps to Set Random Ringtone :-

  • First Of All Install This App – Random Ringtone Manager (RRM)
  • Now open the App and Skip Demonstrations and Splash Screens
  • Now you will see list of Songs and Audio Files available on your device
  • Mark some of those according to your choice that you want to play as ringtone
  • Finally save the settings.
  • That’s it. All set next time whenever you get a call new ringtone will be played among the list that you have created.

About the App Random Ringtone Manager :-

Android Random Ringtones Manager lets you randomize your phone call, SMS, Default Notifications, Gmail, Hangouts, Facebook, Snapchat, or any other app notification tones on your phone! Discover and post your playlists at Perfect for Halloween, Cosplay, theming, and a more fun phone! Setup your all your Ringtones with this android app!

I hope you have understood. For any questions write a comment below. You can see more screenshots for better understanding on play store.

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