How to Enable Fast Charging in Any Android Phone or Tablet

People often ask me how to enable fast charging in any android phone or tablet ?  How to charge my mobile fastly? what to do if my handset is not supporting fast/quick charging? So we will see how to deal with this situation and what I answer to these questions.

What is Fast/Quick Charging :-

Well fast charging or quick charging offered by your device manufacturer. In fact you can not get that experiance in any ordinary phone but you can tweek the charging process. You can boost the charging process by closing the background process. You can either force stop the apps or disable the auto start. Another simplest way to charge fast is to power off the device and then put it to charge. But that’s not the good solution. You may miss any Importan call or Mesages.

Truth behind Fast/Quick charging :-

Yes by force closing the apps you can boost the charging process. But we don’t know which app should be running and which should not. If you force close some important system process then your device may not work properly. Even if you know which app or service app should be runnig however force closing each that much apps is not a easy task, it will be messy.

In that case you can use some apps that automatically detacts the battery draining apps and close the background process. There are several apps to do this. Very common app that I preffer is Power Cleaner. You can use this app to clean Junk files, boost battery by cleaning the background processes.

If you are already using the junk cleaner or booster app in that case you can use any fast charging app. Super Fast Charger app one of them. I’ve added play store link of both the apps you can install them.

Apps to Boost the Charging process :-

  1. Power Clean – Optimize Cleaner : Install From Play Store
  2. Super Fast Charger 5x : Install From Play Store
  3. Smart Booster – Free Cleaner : Install From Play Store
  4. Fast Charger : Install From Play Store
  5. Clean Master Lite (Boost) : Install From Play Store



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